The Invisible Crime

A Targeted Individual, Synthetic Telepathy and Global
Criminal Biomedical Human Experimentation
--by Michael Fitzhugh Bell



Here are two photographs of a classic example of an actual perpetrator vehicle parked by itself and empty left for the Targeted Individual to see to remind them that the criminal group is there watching them. Note the condition of the vehicle, run-down, dirty with faded paint and different colored panels of paint. There are many scratches and dents. This is what is called a "marker" and it's a textbook example of Organized Stalking. It's left in an area where the Targeted Individual will see. Alternately,these vehicle types are often parked adjacent to or near the Targeted Individual's parked vehicle whenever they go out in public.


Another textbook example of a Perpetrator Vehicle parked adjacent to my vehicle. This is an Organized Stalking Covert Harassment/Terrorizing Technique and Method designed to let the Targeted Individual know that they are under close surveillance as well as trying to annoy and frustrate the Targeted Individual over time.

This is an actual photograph of an Organized Stalker using a technique know as "street theatre" or "posing". This is a subtle, covert method of harassment performed to terrorize and torment the Targeted Individual. It is also known as a odd or bizarre behavior technique pattern

This is an example of Organized Stalking and Covert Harassment called "Digging". Here, the member of the criminal group will park their vehicle where they know that the Targeted Individual will see them and open the doors and often trunk and hood of their vehicle and turn their backs to the Targeted Individual and pretend to be looking for something in the back seat of their vehicle. To the average person nothing looks too out of the ordinary here, but the Targeted Individual will become sensitized to these techniques over time. and recognize them. Because this method of Organized Stalking is so subtle, it's difficult o prove malicious intent or Criminal Stalking. Organized Stalking is part of the Psychological Warfare, Unacknowledged Special Access Program in Harassment and Psychological Torture and Covert Domestic Terrorism against a Targeted Individual designed to destroy and compromise their lives, happiness and freedom.

An actual photograph of Organized Stalkers waiting for me at a grocery store parking lot. This is a Covert Harassment Technique known as "digging". Note all doors are open and the two perpetrators are pretending to be looking at the engine with their backs turned towards me. A subtle Organized Stalking Covert method and technique.


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