The Invisible Crime

A Targeted Individual, Synthetic Telepathy and Global
Criminal Biomedical Human Experimentation
--by Michael Fitzhugh Bell


The Invisible Crime Part Two

Book Preview

"The Invisible Crime - Part Two - A Targeted Individual, Synthetic Telepathy and Global Criminal Biomedical Human Experimentation - A True Story", is the sequel to Michael Fitzhugh Bell's first book.

In this controversial true crime story and exposê, author and investigative journalist, Michael Fitzhugh Bell reveals a new form of Covert Domestic Terrorism that is being perpetrated on innocent United States Citizens and millions of people around the world.

In his first book, Bell describes how he became an unwitting victim of the United States Government, he's known as a Targeted Individual. Bell has been Illegally implanted with nonconsensual, non-therapeutic biomedical implant devices which cause severe suffering, physical torture and psychological terror.

This crime has infiltrated every aspect of society and is secretly flourishing at the expense of the U.S. Taxpayer.

cell towerWhistleblower Michael Fitzhugh Bell is a victim of what is referred to as an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (U.S.A.P.) created by the United States Government, believed to be part of the Military Black Ops portion of the Shadow Government.

Bell is victimized through the illegal misuse of advanced nanotechnology, biomedical devices embedded throughout his body, using clandestine Government Classified Technologies. The first book demonstrated this and used actual verified Doctors reports and documented medical images to prove this fact.

Bell is under constant attack by Bioelectronic Torture Weapons, 24/7, in a non-stop assault on his life, fighting on the front lines of this battle of survival all day, everyday.

In this ongoing account, the author discloses details and unveils an evil truth hidden in plain sight.

This second book shovels hard at unearthing the little known crimes of Organized Stalking, Bioelectronic Torture/Electronic Harassment and Mind Control.

"The Invisible Crime - Part Two - A Targeted Individual, Synthetic Telepathy, and Global Criminal Biomedical Human Experimentation - A True Story", goes farther than previously in print, disclosing an astonishing truth that remains part of a secret Government Human Experimentation and illegal, non-consensual clinical trial test program.

Synthetic Telepathy is the process of hacking the human mind using a supercomputer and analyzing and deciphering a human being's thoughts in real-time via their emanating brainwave frequency.

Michael Fitzhugh Bell is being illegally stalked and tortured wherever he goes, under constant remote electronic surveillance, stripping him of his civil liberties and privacy and severely compromising his health and his life. His every thought being read in real-time using classified technologies by a sinister Government obsessed with control.

This true crime story, told through the eyes of Michael Fitzhugh Bell, takes the reader on a horrifying journey from a life of freedom to one of human enslavement.

morgellons Bell reveals how his life has been shattered by an ongoing cruel and inhumane, criminal, unethical, experimental Biological Weapon in the form of an unnatural, manmade pathogen that he was intentionally infected with.

This skin condition, Morgellons Disease, is an unexplained, uncommon skin disorder which is generally characterized by crawling sensations on and beneath the surface of the skin, and fiber-like filaments that emerge from lesions on the surface of the skin. Doctors refuse to recognize this disease as it's part of a highly-classified U.S.A.P. and does not officially exist.

This account is validated by cold hard facts and is presented with additional evidence using diagrams, illustrations and actual photographs and Medical Imaging.

In reading this story it's important for the reader to keep an open mind and their seat belts securely fastened.


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